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Meeting rooms
Hotel Royal Torino

Hotel Royal Torino has a congress centre with 7 multifunctional rooms that can hold up to 600 people.

All the rooms combine functionality and vanguard technology to create unique and unforgettable events where your needs will be covered.

All our rooms are equipped with the latest technology: projector, wireless network connection, video equipment and air conditioning. We also have support services for your meetings like flip chart, paper stand, secondary rooms, podium and simultaneous translation.

You can also ask for catering services in the meeting rooms like coffees or light lunches.

Some of the meeting rooms can be combined, increasing the maximum capacity to host events where you expect a high assistance rate.


22 m²

The Cosmos room has a maximum capacity for 18 people. Its relaxing and elegant environment makes it perfect for small business meetings.

  • Escuela: 8
  • Forma U: 8
  • Imperial: 10
  • Teatro: 15


28 m²

The room Marte can hold a meeting of 25 people. All the audio-visual support guarantees a successful meeting.

  • Escuela: 12
  • Forma U: 12
  • Imperial: 15
  • Teatro: 25

Odeon A

130 m²

The room Odeon A is one of the biggest in the business centre, with a maximum capacity of 150 people. It is perfect for big conferences or banquets.

  • Escuela: 60
  • Forma U: 35
  • Teatro: 150

Odeon B

70 m²

The room Odeon B has a maximum capacity of 60 people. The support services make it perfect for any meeting or conference.

  • Escuela: 28
  • Forma U: 22
  • Imperial: 25
  • Teatro: 60

Royal A

130 m²

The room Royal A is another room with very high capacity. 150 people is the maximum capacity so it is perfect for big attendance conferences.

  • Escuela: 60
  • Forma U: 35
  • Teatro: 150

Royal B

110 m²

The room Royal B has a maximum capacity of 130 people. It is the second bigger of the centre. The audio-visual support guarantees the success of your events.

  • Escuela: 50
  • Forma U: 30
  • Teatro: 130

Odeon A + B + Royal B

150 m²

The combination of the rooms Odeon A and B with the Royal B allows holding maximum 360 people.

  • Escuela: 160
  • Forma U: 90
  • Teatro: 360

Odeon A + Odeon B

205 m²

If you combine the Odeon rooms you can organize an event with 230 people and all the support available.

  • Escuela: 110
  • Forma U: 60
  • Teatro: 230

Odeon B + Royal B

200 m²

This room combination offers 200 sqm to celebrate an event with maximum 190 people.

  • Escuela: 80
  • Forma U: 50
  • Teatro: 190

Royal A + B + Odeon A + B

450 m²

Our biggest rooms combined allow you to make events with 600 people, the maximum capacity of the business centre.

  • Escuela: 240
  • Forma U: 150
  • Teatro: 600

Royal A + B + Odeon B

310 m²

Meeting rooms combination for an event of 340 people. All the support services will guarantee the success of the event.

  • Escuela: 150
  • Forma U: 90
  • Teatro: 340

Royal A + Royal B

240 m²

Combine the Royal meeting rooms to bring up to 300 people to your event.

  • Escuela: 120
  • Forma U: 70
  • Teatro: 300