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Hotel Royal Torino

Hotel Torino Royal is in Turin, the capital of the Piedmont region, in the north of Italy. It is a city full of culture and history, where you will always have something to do or visit. A delicious gastronomy and a historic patrimony will not let you indifferent.

The nickname of the city is “the cradle of Italy”. This is because it is the born place of some very influent politicians in the history of the country, like Cavour, who plaid an important role in the reunification of Italy.

Historic centre

The Piazza Castello is the heart of the city and the second bigger square. Here you will find some palaces like the Palazzo Madama, the Royal Palace and some museums. The biggest square is Piazza Vittorio Veneto that is full of restaurants and pubs.

The Mole Antonelliana is the city symbol. In the past it was the highest brickwork construction, but in the XX century it was remodelled to reinforce it structure, so it is not consider as brickwork anymore. During some years it was the tallest building in Turin; nowadays it hosts the National Museum of Cinema. It has got a crystal elevator to get to the highest point of the tower. The elevator offers amazing views of the dome, and the top offers a great panorama of the city.

Savoy residences

The royal residences the Savoy family built in Turin and Piedmont also deserve a visit. In 1997, fourteen of them where declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The Royal Palace of Turin was the main residence of the family and the symbol of their power. The Palazzo Madama of Turin is an architectural and historic ensemble, nowadays it hosts the Museum of Ancient Art. The Reggia di Venaria Reale was, possibly, the biggest Savoy residence; it was used as a haunting residence. The Palazzo Carignano was the headquarters of the first Italian parliament. The Castello del Valentino today is part of the University of Turin. The Villa della Regina is in the top of a hill from where they used to control the city. Nowadays it preserves the original furniture, paintings and garden.


The history is one of the pillars of the Italian culture, especially from Turin. That is the reason why we recommend some museums you should visit during your stay.

The Egyptian Museum has the second biggest collection of Egyptian art, after the one in El Cairo. There are more than 30 thousand pieces from the Egyptian civilization between 4000 b.C and the V-VI century’s a.C.

Museum of Ancient Art: it boasts collections from Manuel Filiberto of Savoy, archaeological discoveries about the ancient Piedmont and the ancient Turin.

The Savoy gallery, the National Museum of the Mountains, the Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile or the National Museum of the Italian Risorgimento are some other interesting museums to visit.